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About The Founder/Owner
Matthew T. Morris Esq., "Ammo".

Mr. Morris graduated from Regent University School of Law in 2012 finishing in the top 10% of his class while at the same time earning his Master’s in Business Administration from Wilmington University. Since graduation he has practiced in multiple areas including estate planning, business/commercial law, employment disputes, divorce and custody issues, and entertainment law with his major focus on criminal, DWI, and traffic matters.

Matt served for two and a half years as a Public Defender in the city of Portsmouth. In that time, he handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging in severity from misdemeanor assaults and larceny offenses to serious felonies such as rapes, robberies, and murders on top of becoming the most trusted criminal defense attorney for DWIs in the office..

In a short amount of time Matt has become regarded by Judges and his peers alike as one of the most talented litigators in the Hampton Roads area. Since law school and through his career as a litigator Matt has become known as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Virginia Beach due to his passion and talent for defending the rights granted to every citizen by the United States Constitution. This, in combination with his in-depth knowledge of the laws of Virginia, means his clients get the most zealous representation from the highest caliber attorney whether they are charged with a crime, starting a business, were wrongfully terminated, involved in a divorce or custody dispute, injured in an accident or simply need a will or trust drafted.

If years of your life, your job, and reputation are on the line you don’t need just any attorney. You need an attorney with the knowledge, intangible skills, and refuse to lose attitude that Matt possesses. You wouldn't walk into a gunfight without ammo. Don't walk into your legal gunfight without Ammo either!.

We look forward to helping you solve your problems!