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DWI’s, and some traffic infractions, in Virginia have serious potential consequences. You are going to be facing a hefty fine, an increase in your insurance premiums, and possibly the loss of your license or even jail time. If you’re charged with a DWI, Reckless Driving, Driving with a Suspended License, or a simple speeding or red light ticket you need an experience DWI and Traffic attorney to fight for you.

Our Philosophy on DWI’s

Mr. Morris is one of the most talented DWI litigators in the state of Virginia. He has even been recognized nationally by the American Association of Premier DWI Attorney’s and certified as having the skills and knowledge to win DWI cases. Our philosophy for winning Virginia DWI cases is simple; employ every trick of the trade, challenge police officer’s administration of the DWI tests, and challenge breathalyzer and blood draw results until we win or until we achieve a result that keeps your life in order.

Our Philosophy on Traffic Cases

Whether it’s a Reckless Driving, Suspended License or simple speeding or red light ticket we use all the skills and information at our disposal to achieve the optimal result. It is often possible to challenge police radar calibrations or use mitigating factors to have these charges reduced or dismissed and save you a hefty fine and increase in insurance.

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