Second Amendment Rights | Virginia Beach, VA

Your right to bear arms is granted by the United States Constitution and shall not be infringed upon. If you’ve been charged with a crime concerning a weapon, are having trouble with background checks, or your weapon is the subject of a civil forfeiture case we are your go to firm.

Our Philosophy on Second Amendment Rights

Simply put: we will defend your Second Amendment Rights until they are pried from our cold, dead fingers. As a speaker for United States Law Shield (link to USLS page) Mr. Morris travels the state of Virginia educating the citizens on their Second Amendment Rights, Justified Self Defense, Concealed Carry, and the Law of Brandishing. There are not many as knowledgeable as Mr. Morris when it comes to the Second Amendment. We at Top Tier Law Group will do everything in our power to defend your right to own, possess, and use your firearm.

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